Friday, November 28, 2008

The queen of my life!!

"Until one loves an animal a part of ones soul remains unawakened"-Anatole France

I couldnt agree more..and anyone who has shared living space with a dog, cat, rabbit, cow, goat, horse will vouch for it!!

I know that bringing Layla (our beautiful golden lab) was the best decision we made as a family..we second guessed it for a while though, cos she seemed to hate us..she destroyed the box we put her in..her tail was almost always tucked between her legs..she wouldn't walk..she wouldn't even bark..she was giving us the silent treatment!!..But something we did(thank God we did it) told her it was ok to trust us.

She started bounding joyfully with her ears flapping on long walks..she was the easiest dog to potty train...she flew down the stairs when we opened her box of pedigree..she thinks everyone is her friend and will wag her tail and extend her paw in friendship...but she saves her ears bent, tail wagging, drunken walk for the people she loves the most!!..n that is her most amazing gift...her ability to many people...our family..our friends..friends of friends...have all been touched by her..

my life for sure has been doggified...i know the names of all the dogs in marredpally n i have named the ones who don't have names(street puppies)..lets see there's split personality..disturbia..whitey(a black dog with a white soul)..chocolate n my favorite little limper floopy..i have conversations with her where i feel she actually replies in human..;) i love her smell n i miss it when i go on trips..she seems to know when i need her to be around n when to give me a reassuring lick n walk away..the epitome of peace n serenity..for all those who are seeking inner peace, Sri Sri Layla is the answer!!..10 minutes in her divine presence and u feel all ur stress ebb away and you can be one with the universe!!

Layla is easily my moms most pampered dads little darling..n our favourite lil sister...She bounded into our lives, dug a nice pit n made herself so comfy that now i feel like i have never known life without her!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a way to wanna be!!

The other night i was having dinner with bunch of friends n i noticed that one of them ( a super sexy chica)had a wallpaper of DOSTANA on her phone... now i ask her do u like the movie so much??? ... n she says.. not really its just that looking at priyanka chopras flat stomach makes me want to work out more...!!! n we went on to curse her for a little bit before returning to our meal...

N it not just us..Its everywhere...i saw this pic of an Indian model in a magazine..5ft 10"... 52 kilos!!(imagine what that looks like)...everyone wants the hot body...i think its competing with the big pay package or the dream man!!...the articles on how britney spears or jessica alba lost their pregnancy weight are hot on the internet!!!..despite the financial crisis places like VLCC and Labelle are making big money...the street corner chai bandis are being replaced by gyms..n kareena kapoor has taken the place of johnny depp on our walls...

i wish it didnt affect me but it does..i worry about what i eat... i drag my dog along for a longer walk when ive had a chocolate pastry..i like skinny people a little lesser..n i feel like its all around girfriends.. my sister..all gorgeous the quest for the so called perfect constantly reminds me of this line in a shania twain song "Bigger is the best!!... but only in the chest.. What a way to wanna be"...i cannot rationalise my own behavoiur leave alone trying to do the same for all the women in the world.....

What i can do of course is wish that this trend would die... that women can eat our burgers n fries without being comfortable in/with our curves...n remove perfect body of our wishlist n replace it with something that would make us happier!!