Saturday, September 28, 2013

The land of smiles- Thailand!

Thailand...I think hearing the name of this country will always make me smile. There is something about the country that is innately happy, positive and good natured. I had so many wonderful moments on my short trip there and here are the contenders for the top spot.

  •  Colour: I love love love (I can say it a few more times) the colours in the country. The pink, orange and green cabs. The aquamarine, pink and turquoise uniforms and planes of the country's airlines. Such a treat to the eyes to see the generous splash of colour in the landscape.

  • Thai people; warm, effervescent, friendly, ever smiling and always ready to share a story. Despite their minimum comfort with English. I would have been stuck on Koh Tao if not for the incredible kindness of a lovely Thai lady who pulled many strings to get me on a ship out of there. One of those rare times when I was truly touched by a stranger.

  • Doggy love in Thailand; every establishment whether it is a restaurant, hotel, bike rental store, massage place or beach shack is never without a dog or two or nine (All Seasons restaurant in Koh Tao) There are dogs on bikes, in cars, skipping around behind their owners, always welcome to join the fun!
Culinary delights

  • Thai cusine; the gorgeous fresh produce and the wonderful aromas of their spices. I was amazed by the crisp freshness and the pure unadulterated flavours of the fruits and veggies. The Massaman curry and the Som Tum are my new best friends. I just couldn't have enough of their delicacies.

Living on the Chao Phraya

  • The Chao Phraya, the life blood of Bangkok, throbbing through the city giving life to the people who live on the banks and to those who live on the river. It was easy to understand the lure of this feisty lady and it was visible in the beautiful settlements built on the water.
Wat Arun

  • Wat Arun- Temple of Dawn, Bangkok; I had heard many wonderful things about this temple and had seen some lovely pictures, but nothing prepares you for the sheer massiveness of this structure. Intricate carvings, breath taking views of the city and a sense of peace. A must visit in my opinion.

  • Pak khlong Talat; the bustling flower market in Bangkok. I was blown away by the colours, fragrances and sounds of this place. Fresh flowers of a mind boggling variety systematically arranged, displayed and then transported. I will never find words adequate to describe the beauty. 

Riot of Colours

  • Thai massages; I speak here of the innocent variety of massages ;). Wonderfully relaxing and stimulating.  Its a well orchestrated symphony of movements on various parts of your body. Especially delightful after a long day of scuba diving.
  • Evenings in Koh Samui- The streets come alive with music, food, shopping, cabaret, massages. Its has a young, energetic vibe and appears to be waiting for a cue to burst into song and dance

    Sandra (our diving instructor) and me after a dive
  • New Way Diving- Koh Tao; One of the happiest bunch of people I have met. From different countries, speak different languages, have different back grounds; all brought together by the love of the under water world and a desire to share the joy. We had the best time with Sandra, Anne, Eric and Max. Could not have chosen a better place to get our first Scuba Diving Certification.
Certified open water divers!! :)
Thailand, her people and culture will always remain dear to me and have made my wander lust deeper and stronger! Khwapkhunka Thailand!