Thursday, January 31, 2013

The yogi in me!

Back in 2011, I kicked one thing off my bucket list by becoming a certified yoga instructor. One and a half years hence, I have not yet opened my own yoga studio like I wanted, but I do find the time every once in a while to take corporate classes.Two day yoga sessions for veterans of the corporate sector on basic yoga movements and quick tips on how to avoid/repair the damage caused by long hours on a desk through simple yoga postures.

Every time I do it, I enjoy it thoroughly. Its a wonderful break from the monotony of my own desk job in finance and a huge thrill to see people appreciate and respond so wonderfully to Yoga.

Centering ourselves before we start the session
Snapshots from few of my recent sessions
Loosening our hip joints in preparation for the postures

Cat pose

Warm up by flexing our leg muscles

Butterfly pose

Relaxing in Shavasana after the Suryanamaskaras

Demonstrating the Chakrasana to the class