Monday, March 30, 2009


As kids we thought birthday parties and saw visions of balloons, cake, presents, party hats and the birthday boy/girl...this week i attended a party with no balloons, no presents, no party hats...just biryani, booze and dessert!!...but it was essentially the same as the parties we attended as kids!!..When u look back u don't remember the events...but u see a blur of smiling faces, loads of laughs and alternately bullying and being bullied!!...

I am an extremely reluctant socializer and I surprised myself by how much fun i had!!..I was sharing the arm of the couch with Kinky when i got this (vodka+cranberry+appyfizz+ sprite+redbull)* 5 induced enlightenment!!...As i spotted them from behind Kinky i realised how cute each one of them is...So here they are in order of their appearance from behind Kinky's back!!
Arjun singh!!...aka the dude who buys the booze!!...i love him..he is one of the most genuinely sweet guys i have met!! (plus he loved my i love him more)

Arvind!!..I have always wondered why he has not been grabbed and pasted with a 'no trespassing' notice by a woman!!...that's one eligible bachelor!!(at least that's what i know ;)

Dilip and Upasana...Sunday marked the return of Dileef for 3mths n the non alcohol induced high of upsi!!...i guess distance does make the heart grow fonder!!

Josh and Emmi...the cool dudes!!...josh my chocolate craving twin and emmi who marched for animal welfare with me!!

Archana!!.. the lady of the house!!whispering gossip in my ear!!making sure everyone had a drink n that Kushang was not finishing all the food!!

Pstar!!...her first car giving her a bigger high than the alcohol!!...(or was it the drive with a certain individual)...hmmmm!!

Alekh!!...making sure I had a drink!! grrr!!..being himself..asking embarrassing questions!!..i think the word incorrigible was coined after alekh was seen in action!!

Nitin!!..rechristened shahid kapur for the night!!...lounging on the bean bag!!

Anant!!...a guy i have fought with even before i have met properly!!...n I'm so glad we have been given the chance to get reacquainted!!

Kinky!! boyfriend bashing-working lunch having-traffic jam phone call friend!!...ummaah!!

N the final spotting making me the happiest!!...Kushang moorthy...aka kirrr!!..aka my man!! wine glass in hand!!..the man who introduced me to all these lovely people...

And i realised that Im not part of the AGENCY the AGENCY is a part of who I am!! ;) [ couldnt help making a dramatic end!! ;) ]

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Its official!!!...SUMMER is here!!...The sensex maybe falling but the mercury is on a bull run..!!

As i was walking to the bank, I saw the familiar signs of the arrival of summer...the old uncles with the umbrellas...the sugarcane juice bandis!!...N i got to reminiscing about the things that define summer for me....
  • The two month long freedom from school uniforms n homework n surprise tests... :D
  • The bottomless glasses of ganna juice on the rocks!!
  • The sheer bliss of splashing around in the pool with friends!!
  • The lazy afternoons sprawled on the cool floor playing pictionary!!
  • Digging my teeth into the juicy watermelon half moons..
  • Fighting over whose turn it is to fill the air cooler...
  • Dancing in front of the cooler with chunnis!!
  • Gorging on full mangoes blissfully unaware of the juice flowing down my elbows onto my clothes...
  • Lying on the terrace in the night n trying to spot constellations in the clear summer sky!!
  • The summer showers bringing much needed respite from the scorching heat!!..
  • Those cricket matches where it was a six if the ball hit the wall but u were out if it went over the wall...
  • Reading Enid blyton n hoping to find an enchanted wood of my own...
  • Making our own ice cream by filling glasses with RASNA and freezing them with spoons as sticks...
When i think back i realise that despite the fact that we had no AC to combat the heat then, summers always meant joy, happiness, freedom and loads of fun!!