Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truly Madly Deeply!!

Love is like a book on rainy days,
A warm n cozy fire all ablaze..

Like laughing for no reason at all,
A midnight long distance phone call..

Like running bare feet on the sand
Having a puppy slobber all over ur hand...

Like a long moonlit motorbike ride,
Lying in bed n listening to the rain outside..

Like a nursery rhyme about twinkling stars,
Waking up n realising u can still sleep a few hours..:)

Like flowers blooming on a windowsill,
A picnic on a clover covered hill...

Love brings such contentment to the heart
Of all lives pleasures love's the sweetest part!!

This ones dedicated to sweetheart...the love of my life!!...the man I'm going to grow old with!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My bucket list!!

I watched the movie(loved it)..n read a lovely blog post about it (aishu!!!)..i got tempted to write my own!!...... so here goes!!

1. to make the worlds best chocolate cake!!
2. to play guitar like a pro..
3. to speak at least 10 languages like people to whom its their mother tongue!!
4. to study food..n different countries..with people who really care about it!!
5. to own my own "Central perk"
6. to join aishu in her shelter for animals venture.. :)
7. to do a headstand.. :)
8. to do a full split ;)
9. to teach yoga
10. to go on a vacation alone..somewhere far far away from home where nothing is familiar..
11. to go skinny dipping in a lake at the crack of dawn...
12. to see India..closely..with my sweetheart!!
13. to run a full marathon!!...
14. to whistle with my fingers in my mouth!!..(minnu help!!)
15. to get a tattoo..i don't know of what yet!!..but i know i want one..
16. to buy my parents their retirement home...where mom can have her garden n dad can sit in it n drink beer!
17. to handpick from my own garden all my herbs n veggies i need to cook!!
18. to have waist length least for a while..

that's all i can think of right now...hoping to start crossing them off my list now!!