Friday, January 9, 2009

My bucket list!!

I watched the movie(loved it)..n read a lovely blog post about it (aishu!!!)..i got tempted to write my own!!...... so here goes!!

1. to make the worlds best chocolate cake!!
2. to play guitar like a pro..
3. to speak at least 10 languages like people to whom its their mother tongue!!
4. to study food..n different countries..with people who really care about it!!
5. to own my own "Central perk"
6. to join aishu in her shelter for animals venture.. :)
7. to do a headstand.. :)
8. to do a full split ;)
9. to teach yoga
10. to go on a vacation alone..somewhere far far away from home where nothing is familiar..
11. to go skinny dipping in a lake at the crack of dawn...
12. to see India..closely..with my sweetheart!!
13. to run a full marathon!!...
14. to whistle with my fingers in my mouth!!..(minnu help!!)
15. to get a tattoo..i don't know of what yet!!..but i know i want one..
16. to buy my parents their retirement home...where mom can have her garden n dad can sit in it n drink beer!
17. to handpick from my own garden all my herbs n veggies i need to cook!!
18. to have waist length least for a while..

that's all i can think of right now...hoping to start crossing them off my list now!!


nids!!! said...

one you make the worlds best chocolate cake... two il help with retirement home!! three come off il teach :)p.s you write brilliantly!! love your bucket list!! so you =D

shuuuu said...

yaayyy my namee camee :).. i cant wait too startt the shelterr with u :).. heroo will be theree waiting <3...... and i am sure u will own the central perk .. and the beer tell uncle i will get him crate :)... alsooo wooohoo tattooo when u get urss i will get my secondd :)... and chocolatee cakeee woman u have made it like 17 times i am suree ...... oh alsoooo i know howw to whistlee too so minnu and aishu on the job :P:P.... hehehhehehehe

D!! said...

u guys!!..u rock!!..thanks re!! love u both so much!!...thanks both bout the chocolate cake!!...n aishu n!!

Aristurtle, Pepsi and Me. said...

Hey :D You have absolutely invoked and struck such deep chords within me :D

I am going to make a BUCKET list of my own :D Thank You for a real cool post :D

This is what they call pay it forward... Aishu to Dwithiya to Vishnu and from there god knows to who else :D

D!! said...

thats great vishnu!!...looking forward to reading ur list!!

Kushang Moorthy said...

a) yepppiiee... i featured in ur list!!!
b) there is nothing u are goin to do alone in ur life.. henceforth!!

D!! said...

kush!!..u had to feature in my list re..also please please please can i go on that vacation!!..pretty please!!..

Parth Jhala said...

thats a nice list! real and achievable..yet challenging! i like the languages and vacation one! would probably also feature in mine! and hey..i never got to taste ur chocolate cake though i hear its fab!..if i did maybe u could strike that one off :P :P maybe u already can!

Sneha said...

I'm making mine now! :-) And here's to each and everyone of those desires come true!

Wait a minute! it already has! in the future! time's in the way! Darn time! :-/

Jonathan said...

wicked list ... :) ...
about central perk, someone already started it ... now has a franchise ... in dubai and switzerland .. and comin up in more places ... its pretty cool .. the tag line is 'where friends meet' ... check it out.. ..

btw... i can help u on one ... but not completely ... i can help on playin the guitar ... im not sure if it would be pro - level ... :)
.. u cud ask josh too .. :)

oh pls let me kno when u hav waist length hair ... always wantd to see that ...

D!! said...

john..i meant something like central perk...def not the central perk.. i want it to be me...:)

ya u can help with the guitar!!