Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smells like Love!

Valentines day is around the corner, Im away from my man, love is in the air and love is on my mind.As I wandered through a mall, bedecked with fluffy red heart men with their arms extended in love and red balloons hanging from everywhere, I felt mushy and light headed, the hopeless romantic that I am. For this I blame the below mentioned people (some names changed, some completely eliminated to protect their privacy ;) )
  • My mum, who after 27 years of being married to my dad, still blushes when my he pulls her into her arms for a photo.
  • My super amazing boyfriend  Kushang (who is not at all an sms person) sends me a sweet good morning message, that I can wake up to every morning
  • A dear friend of mine, travels 700 kms and then sneaks into his girlfriends house at midnight to surprise her for her birthday.
  • My doggie Layla has met and flirted with tonnes of other doggies but she only rolls over and shows her belly to her true love Tyson.
  • My french brother in law Philippe got into a dhoti at 430 am and sat in front of a fire for hours so he can be united in holy matrimony to the love of his life.
  • My darling yah- yah sends sweet notes and packages by post to her boyfriend so he feels less lonely in the strange place he lives in.
  • Every time he leaves home, my dad calls my mum to tell her he reached his destination safely.
  • A beautiful young lady travels in the ladies coach with me everyday but as soon as she gets down , she finds her husband, holds his hand and walks out of the station.
  • I saw a couple at Naturals today, at least 60 years scoop of ice cream, one spoon, two happy people.
  • My cousin, who was terrified of dogs, learned to love and has also adopted a stray out of the love she has for her gorgeous husband.
  • An awesome guy I know, brings chocolate to his girlfriends doorstep when he knows shes PMSing and needs a pick me up.
  • My grand parents might not seem like the most in love couple, but my granddad always holds my grndmoms hand when they cross the road together.
Some of these couples say "I love you" everyday, some have never said it in their lives but when I see them together it reassures me that "Love will keep us alive!"