Thursday, July 16, 2009

The best things in life are edible!!!

Spanish omelet, toast and aromatic hot coffee for breakfast...fragrant yellow dal on steaming white rice for lunch with spicy veggies and papad...and a nice pasta for dinner...there!! That's all it takes for me to have a great day!!

Since I was really young I have been fascinated by the kitchen and food!..It was like magic.. How my mum and grand mum would put a little of this and a pinch of that, give it a quick stir and voila!! I would devour recipe books, host mock cookery shows while i made Maggi at age 9, Sanjeev Kapoor was a rock star and I knew that this is what I wanted to do 'when I grow up'. Create and serve edible wonders!!

Today, I may be slightly off track with the career thing but food is still my first love, my meditation, what truly makes me feel alive. I like to think that what you eat and how u eat is an expression of who you are. The sight of chocolate melting always takes my breath away...the smell of cookies in the oven is my aromatherapy..making the worlds best chocolate cake is on my bucket list, and nothing makes me happier than hearing a satisfied 'mmmm' from my dining table...I believe that good food appeals to all my senses...the colours..the fragrances..the tastes..the textures, the sizzling, crackling, crunchy sounds. It is such an integral part of my life..I celebrate with food..if Im upset, I seek food ( Im writing this post as a pick me up)..the tone of my entire day is set by what i ate for breakfast and my dying wish would be for a chocolate brownie I think, or maybe strawberry cheesecake, no..a haleem maybe..ooh perhaps a cheese and mushroom omelet...or....Crap! haven't thought this through..!

It is said that they way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but the way to my very girly heart is also most definitely through my stomach..Feed me a satisfying meal, whether at a fancy restaurant or at a roadside bandi and you are assured a place of unfair advantage in my heart!!