Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Planet

World environment day on 5Th June got me thinking about Going Green!...Captain Planet is my all time favourite superhero and I have always dreamed of being a planeteer!!... I was reading online about little everyday things that we can change to save our planet n this post was born! if the millions of people who read my blog(wipe that look off your faces..its true!) adopt at least one of these small greenisms then i will be ready to take oath as a planeteer!

Greenism 1:Line dry -- like grandma used to do.
Dry your clothes on a laundry line rather than throwing them in the dryer. Clothes dyers are the third-largest energy users in the home, behind the refrigerator and washing machine

Greenism 2: Take it outside
At least once in a while, skip the treadmill and take your walking or jogging routine outdoors. Its better for you and the planet that you get some fresh air. And who knows, you might meet a beautiful girl walking her dog in the bargain. ;)

Greenism 3: Think Ink!
Pens are tossed into the garbage and not recycled or reused. The bodies are often made of plastic and contain environmentally damaging chemical. Instead buy a lovely ink pen that will serve you for years..You will be helping Mother Earth and giving yourself a touch of class.

Greenism 4: Old is Gold..
Many book lovers (me included) need to hold that book in their hands when they read. We are slowly moving towards e- books but if that's too much for you to handle you can always find plenty of used books for sale at cheaper prices at used bookstores( read pavements in Koti), and library sales. Also instead of buying for a friend a book you loved, give him your copy.
(P.S for any authors who might be offended by this one, I'm sorry..the planet is a priority!)

Greenism 5:Paper or plastic? Neither. The right answer is cloth!
Use reusable cloth bags. Do you forget to take them with you?..Have a multiple sets and leave one in your car/bike/handbag at all times..They are really easy to make/buy and will last forever!

Greenism 6: Switch to Fresh!
As far as possible, resist purchases of canned fruit, vegetables and meat. Think about the damage to the environment caused by the packaging, the transportation,the refrigeration..Buy local produce!

Greenism 7:Unplug electronic appliances.
I'm one of those people who never really understood physics so I don't know how this one works but news is that its true!!..Even when not in use, DVD players, televisions, stereos, printers, and other appliances continue using a small amount of power. So go ahead and pull out that plug..U are saving yourself some money as well!!

Greenism 8: Banish the body wash
Use soap bars..It's cheaper and has less packaging. Also body wash is primarily water, so the fuel costs for transporting it are higher because it weighs more. And while you are in the shower here's another thing you can do for the planet...invite a shower buddy..showering with your guy/girl can be a lot more fun than doing it isn't that a steamy way to do your bit for the environment? ;D

Greenism 9: Reuse!
Cd's are dirt cheap today which has made all of us copy something onto them that we could have copied/ distributed some other way. Use pen drives, email. If you must use a CD and when the information in it is of no value to you...reuse!..use them as pretty candle holders, coasters or if you are the artsy type use it as a paint palette..

Greenism 10: Step up

More often than not we take the elevator to places we could have easily climbed the stairs to..starting today..take the stairs..good for your health..good for the planet and great for sculpting your bottom..;) I call that a win win situation!!

These are my 10 greenisms..some borrowed from all over the web and some that i have grown up with..If there are any you would like to share..Go ahead! Leave a comment..
Captain Planet needs all the help he can get!!