Monday, December 22, 2008

Forever and for always!!

To finishing each others sentences...
To instinctively knowing whats wrong..
To never having to explain yourself..
To knowing all each others deep dark secrets..
To late night talks about work n love n life..
To sharing everything!!
To hugs that heal..
To long walks on streets we grew up in..
To getting tipsy n maaroing bollywood thumkaas..
To drooling over cute guys n fighting over cuter guys.. ;)
To watching FRIENDS for the fourteen thousandth time n eating truckloads of chocolate..
To laughing till your cheeks hurt..
To always being there...
To reminiscing about childhood memories..
To fantasising about the future..
To knowing that time n space may keep you apart...that work n marriage may take you halfway around the world...but NOTHING will ever touch the bond!!
Cheers to the amazingness of growing up with your best friends!! the inexplicable joy of being sisters!! ....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Somewhere I belong :)

The city of pearls..the capital of the nizams..the new techno hot spot..the home of the famous biryani and my home...Hyderabad!! The city is a living before and after story...the irani chais in the Alphas and the Madinas to the cappuccino in Mocha..the Sunday book bazaar in Koti to the air conditioned book bazaar at the Odysseys... the old city and the hi tech city...Hyderabad has the wonderful ability to let the leisurely old world n the deadline meeting globetrotting new world exist as parallel universes... :)

Thanks to the techies the city has become home to so many people whose roots are so far away from for instance( but mine is a bond that started at birth) first loud wail was heard here in Hyderabad...n since then i have lived in n seen many cities but my heart lives here...In the crowded streets of the quiet of the Birla the glittering spectacle of bangles in the Lad Sangeet theatre :( Monda market with the piles of vegetables carelessly stacked n periodically sprinkled with the central library in Afzalgunj where a wrinkled old man will get you a 25 yr old newspaper and smile at you till his eyes are reduced to slits...

Wherever i go i will always be reminded of the warmth the people of this city exude..they are always more than willing to direct you or even personally take you to wherever you want to go..The most astonishing inhabitant of this bustling city is the autowalah..he could be the creep who winks at you n calls u an "item" and also the hero who will yell abuses at the guys on bikes who look inside autos to check u out..

Hyderabad leaves an indelible mark on all its inhabitants...For me its the "Hou"...i know no other way to say yes..whether u live here for 3 months or 30 years u leave the city a "Hyderabadi"...The people u meet here are each so different but there is something about each of them that screams Hyderabad..much like the Biryani that is so popular here...the ingredients are so many and the flavour of each so distinct but when they are all blended in a pot what u get is harmony..the flavours complement each other..the unique taste of the blissful acceptance of the others...that is why the biryani is best in Hyderabad..because it reflects the true Hyderbadi!!..