Friday, February 17, 2012

Sri Lanka.. A land like no other!!

For a country ravaged by strife and natural calamities, the lovely Sri Lankans are the warmest, most genuine people I have ever come across, and despite the immense beauty of nature that my senses feasted on, the people are what I hold closest to my heart.

Seven women, ages 55 to 20 embarked on an adventure to this spectacular country and heres what we encountered:
  • Colombo Fort station:- Beautiful, colonial, mostly wooden construction. As we sat outside the station, after unsuccessfully trying to book tickets to Kandy, contemplating taking a cab, a stranger told us of another train that we can take that would cost us a fifth of the taxi fare. A person who loved his country, eager that visitors feel the same way as him.
  • Arrival in Kandy : Sevana Guest House is run buy a fabulous woman Shakuntala. She opened her doors and her heart to us.
  • Looking around Kandy : The winding roads of a quaint little hill town,the women police officers in skirts, the glimmering Kandy lake and a million bakeries. Believe me when I say my nose was leading the way.
  • Nuwara Eliya:  Astounding natural beauty. Tea estates as far as the eye can see, incredibly pretty flowers growing by the side of the road, luscious fresh veggies and fruits stacked for sale at street corners. This was the Europe of my dreams.
  • Horton Plains National Park: A nine km hike through vast stretches of wilderness. Three fiesty women in sarees, refusing to listen to people who said you need pants and shoes to complete the walk. Found peace and tranquility as we challenged our bodies and endless laughs as we pulled each others legs.
  •        Worlds End: A view to die for. Not a building or a bus in sight. Pure untouched nature; hills, trees,rivers all the way upto the ocean.
Fiesty mum!
  • Galle: A settlement within the walls of a fort. A throwback into the days when you were happy as a pedestrian and were more likely to get hit by a stray cricket ball than a garbage truck. Sitting on the fort walls, watching the waves crash into them; no better way to spend an evening.
  • Unawatuna: Just saying the word takes  me into a reverie of blue skies, golden sand and the vivacious Indian ocean. Sprawled out on a beach chair, guzzling the local arrack and having the waves kiss my feet. I may have never been at more peace with myself.

  • Colombo: Fiesty and friendly at the same time. A city that lets you revel in yourself, that is eager to see you smile so it can smile back at you. 
    Posing by Kandy Lake

Friday, February 3, 2012

New year New me!!!

 I do this every year..try to think up the wonderful things I will do/become in the brand New Year that is unfolding in front of me. And every comes in the way of me becoming this glowing virtuous person I envision in my mind. So this year I'm wiser (reason to be revealed soon). Check out my list of things to do before 2012 kicks the bucket in the order that they popped into my head.

  1. *Drumroll* Stop being lazy and watching endless re-runs of Gilmore girls/ House/Lord of the rings/Marley and me. (See how I 'wisely' put it on my list there?)
  2. Compile at least a 100 recipes under the title "Long Hard Day- From one working woman's stomach to another" (I already have 3! Yay me!!)
  3. Take a course that I love. (Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid/London..applications in progress)
  4. Update this blog bi- monthly and my other blog weekly!
  5. Take a quarterly vacation! (Q1...exceeds expectations. Srilanka rocks baby!!)
  6. Read two books (at least) every month.
  7. Learn a new skill.
  8. Stop biting my nails and grow them long and paint them red! (Repeat from 2011 having failed successfully multiple times last year)  Maybe 2012 is the year I grow up! Sigh!!
  9. Let go!...Of the past and old wounds. Allow them to heal without scratching off the scab every so often!
  10. Make one organic life change. Perhaps give up plastic completely or buy an eco friendly mode of transport!!
Well! I have crossed that hurdle.. :D