Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truly Madly Deeply!!

Love is like a book on rainy days,
A warm n cozy fire all ablaze..

Like laughing for no reason at all,
A midnight long distance phone call..

Like running bare feet on the sand
Having a puppy slobber all over ur hand...

Like a long moonlit motorbike ride,
Lying in bed n listening to the rain outside..

Like a nursery rhyme about twinkling stars,
Waking up n realising u can still sleep a few hours..:)

Like flowers blooming on a windowsill,
A picnic on a clover covered hill...

Love brings such contentment to the heart
Of all lives pleasures love's the sweetest part!!

This ones dedicated to sweetheart...the love of my life!!...the man I'm going to grow old with!!


nids!!! said...

i love how it goes! it describes soo many lovely things! i love the post and i love you both! :)
ummaaahh! p.s YOUR FIRST POEM!!!!! :D

shuuuu said...

MITTU MARRYYY MEE ....... plzzz .. :)... woman u r justt gorgeous .. somtimess over gorgeouss andd i always wisshh i cannn take some of that amazing gorgeousness that oozes outt .. brilliant .. kushangg u luckky lucckkyy boy :)

D!! said...

min!!..thanks babe...u rock!!..

aish..sure thing..tell date..!!lets get married!!..maybe we can run away!!..what say??

Kushang Moorthy said...

Love.. thats the sweetest, nicest, most loving thing anyone has ever done for me!! Thanks baap.. for making me feel so special, really appreciate it :) I really hope that you continue to feel this way for the rest of our lives :) Love you babe.. you are the BEST!!!!

Aristurtle, Pepsi and Me. said...

I am amazed to see that someone who claims to be shy to write skims up such fine skill at it... I love the simplicity of your expression...

:D :D :D

D!! said...

kush!!..thanks!!.was really sweet!!

vishnu!!..u made my day!!

Mood Swings!! said...

nicely written babe!! dreamy and romantic!can see you are enjoying writing!!! lots of love

D!! said... loving it...wheres ur blog?? u..ummaah!!