Friday, February 6, 2009

Maa da ladla bigad gaya!!

Right to freedom,
Right to Equality,
Right to Freedom of Religion,
Right against exploitation,
Cultural and educational rights,
Right to constitutional remedies..

The FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of every citizen of India...!

We are granted the freedom of religion but we are denied the right to express love... to the man/woman we want to..isn't it the most essential part of our lives? it completely hypocritical to be given the freedom to worship whichever god u want...but not to love the one you want???

I was visiting Delhi a while back n I read in the paper about the first Queer pride march in the capital.Considering that i don't even live there I felt I had to be there...n i was..waving the colours of the rainbow n getting deeply moved by the emotion...Men, women, kids...urging the govt to scrap Sec 377. To do away with the legislation that denies basic rights to lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals. Coaxing the judiciary to see that such restrictions on the most intimate aspect of private life are unnecessary in a democratic society that values tolerance and broadmindedness.

We as a country cannot stop feeling proud of our freedom from the British and yet even today we are slaves to our conservative thought processes. Doesn't being free mean being yourself??

The queer pride march was not just about Sec 377 of the IPC.
It was about accepting the totality of ourselves
It was about looking at your loved ones and daring to share a part of you that may make them turn away from you...
It was about realizing that in order for your love of yourself your parents, your friends, and you partner to grow and become fully realized they all have to first know who you are!!


shuuuu said...

india and all its rules
have always been queer in their own way
it isnt bisexuality we see in a couple
it is them being happy and gay
and by gay i mean joyous and loved
by the man or woman they have in their arms
why cant india change its constitutions
if they r letting MNC's on farms ....
mitttss .. super postt .. love the titlee the besttttt :).. heheheheheh .. muaaaaaahhhhhhh
girll u got uber talent :*

nids!!! said...

What i love most is how nicely it flows! Being gay doesnt go down well with most people of our country! i hope that people who feel like you and me can make a difference to them! beng part of the queer pride was im sure one of the best experiences you have ever had! and its written all over this post! :) i love how you voice your strong opinion bout some of the stuff that touches! thats what is special about your writing! :) cannot wait for the next one! :) it only gets better! :)ummaaah! :*

D!! said...

thanks u guys!!...aish they let the MNCs on the farms cos they get tonnes of money from them...hmph!!

lets hope for a change !!

Sneha said...

I'm mighty surprised that it went on peacefully!

Mood Swings!! said...

Brilliantly written babe!!
You are getting better and better!
I love the clarity of the posts and the how coherently they flow! Totally agree with Mins!

we are so far away from being free that i wonder if we are n't moving backwards! Kamasutra is India can you imagine that!!
It is definitely mind boggling India and its bizarre heterogeneous evolution.

D!! said...

yup sne it was very well managed!!...the cops loked a little bewildered...but handled evrything quite efficiently...:)

D!! said...

mish!!..thanks so so much means so much to me tat u like it....i love you... n miss u loads...!!