Monday, January 18, 2010

Mumbai Musings

As I packed my bags and moved to Mumbai, I didn’t know what to expect from this place…the crowds, the local trains, the crazy schedules, the unbelievable shopping, the pigeon holes pretending to be houses, the fantastic food, the slums, the high rises, the MNS, Bollywood. The city is a sensory overload. After careful consideration, I have picked out some of my favourite first impressions of Mumbai.

1) In Mumbai, no matter how fast I walk, someone always walks past me.

2) In this city, where people are supposed to be completely oblivious to others, 8 out of 10 people (these are real numbers from a test conducted by me) smile back at you when you smile at them.

3) I catch the 8:37 local train every morning…odd times like 8:37, 5:12 didn’t mean anything to me till I came to Mumbai.

4) Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus..the throbbing epicentre of all activity in Mumbai.. I see it every day..and everyday it takes my breath away.

5) I love the black n yellow taxis; they add a certain old world charm to the streets of this bustling city.

6) Mumbai is so super chaotic that I appear like a patient, peaceful person here ;) (Its all relative, huh?)

7) Naturals Icecream!! Thank you Mumbai for bringing it to us!

8) People from slums call WSD (a super awesome NGO) saying a dog that lives with them needs first aid, and when we go and do it, buy us a cold drink.( n then there are the rich idiots who abandon their Dalmatians on the street)

9) The most awesome food is available on the streets.

10) I can eat alone…..and enjoy it..

11) The local trains are a study in human nature..the people who read newspapers, standing, the ladies who chop their vegetables, the people who push n shove for seats,those who hang out by the door listening to music.. I can hardly get myself to read my book, there is so much to observe.

12) Fruit cream at Haji Ali!! Its ‘Christmas in my mouth’!!

13) Walking on Marine drive, watching the sunset over the horizon, works wonders after a bad day at work

14) The Gateway of India and the Taj hotel, facing each other, watching over the city.. they represent for me the acceptance that no matter what, life will go on.

15) I have been in what is perhaps the most crowded city in the country and no one has ‘accidentally’ touched me or called me ‘sexy’ or ‘item’ or some other such obscene thing. I feel liberated and I am loving it!!


Srinidhi said...

I love the post. For two obvious reasons. One its things you have noticed that are so cute and two its special things about bombay! :)
I envy you!!
More than all of them i secretly wish 15 would happen to me :p
Well written and compiled post babe! :) im loving it!! Get net and update more often! :*
4, 13 and 14 are me personal favourites! :) I agree to all except i havent eaten naturals yet :| ummaaahh!

aks.. said...

loved d end!!!nobody calls u sexy or babe!!!mumbai is a city which lets u b yourself without any don't have to think before dressing up for the day..
the one city in India where I want to work n stay..

shuuuu said...

haji ali fruit cream , wada pav and dabeli, and sugar cane juice jumbo glass for 7 buks is Christmas for me :D
brilliant post :) bombay is exactly what u see... fast still with feeling ... crowded but compassionate and an experience in itself :) ......
p.s the smile thingyy :D i will try also and i am jealousss babe .. i am coming reall soon .. i need a recharge of amchi mumbai

D!! said...

Min...thanks babe!!..n i hope 15 happens to u doll..i really do...u deserve it! :) ummaah!!

Ajju...its fantastic..come come soon!

Shuuu!!!..thanks much!!..n it is quite indescribable it!! ummaah!

Kushang Moorthy said...

babe.. you are so so cute! I hope i will get to share all these experiences with you one day! ummaaah!

Prathm said...

Mumbai bebe! Its a mythical city and you honor her so well..

Really nicely written! Every city has its personality and you bring out the essence of Mumbai so well!

Its all that you mention that makes me want to know her more closely!

Enjoy the discovery of a new city!

D!! said...

awww kush!!..thanks sure we will experience some of it together!! :)

Mish!...its my first experience with a city all alone..n its such a liberating feeling.. its awesome..would love to share her with u...ummaah!!

Parth Jhala said...

you managed to write so well about sumthing that cant be put into almost did justice to the places you wrote about! though we both must agree its impossible to do that! tried the tender coconut at naturals??
hope u get to visit the suburbs sometime...or have u already??

D!! said...

Yes re!!..i did n i loved tender coconut but my fave is black grape!! loving mumbai but im far away from how much u love it!!

Between life's doings said...

hey mittu! Since you went off to mumbai i havent even said a Hi! (not that its important or anything) but hey, Hi! I miss you in some odd way :-) and i love your post that is so enjoyable and lovely! Hope mumbai is a lot of fun and learning!
love ya!

ALLWYN said...
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abhinav said... write cool stuff yaar...may be I enjoyed much more cause I also used to think on these lines but could not translate the feelings...although (smiles to smiles number differs person to person...Kidding) stufff....kudos to mumbai...

late post...but thought was refreshing...

Anonymous said...

cute and sweet impressions :-)

allwyn c said...
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