Saturday, April 30, 2011


This post is dedicated to my best friends in Mumbai,the ones who helped me stay sane despite the fact that I'm miles away from my family and loved ones!


Zoobi: My first friend in the city, who instantly made me feel at home in the area I had found my new home in! Her infectious enthusiasm and energy have turned around quite a few terrible days of homesickness!! In one and half years she has grown from a fiesty firecracker of a puppy to a fine young lady, surprising me and making me fall in love with her all over again!!

Lalu: My boisterous possessive local boyfriend! Whenever we met, he demanded undivided attention, finding his way onto my lap and ensuring that he was all I saw! And what could I do other than feebly accept defeat! I was a sucker for those big brown eyes!!

Lalu after a hearty meal!!

Captain Jack Sparrow: My dear one eyed darling! He would wait patiently for my possessive Lalu to get distracted and make his move! Come for a quick hug and a kiss, fill my heart with joy and walk away! I love him more for his subtlety and poise!

Caramel: The little fluffy little creature who warmed me towards my new house after the shift! In just two days we developed a bond so strong, we would run towards each other like estranged lovers everyday for a warm embrace! I hear that these days she is chilling in a plush Colaba home! What can I say, u deserve it darling!!

Bujji: I don't know if she has a name, but that's what I call her and that's what she is! A tiny little jack in the box! She adores me and I adore her even more! On days when I have felt like i have no loved ones in this crazy city she has laid down at my feet, not letting me go home, smothered me with love, knowing that's exactly what I need!!

 This is a heartfelt thanks to each one of you and I hope that I will always be there if u guys ever need me!


shuuuu said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :):) ... soooo cute ... lalu is my favourite cuz i had an ex boyfriend like that named hero ... :) ... zoobi is such a babe :) ... give them alll my love mittams <3 ... muaaahh

Srinidhi said...

Love the post!! So full of love.

Dogs make the world a happier place.!!


Kushang Moorthy said...
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Kushang Moorthy said...

awwwww... so cute baby!!! you forgot to mention the escort you get till your home from bujji every night! :)
Love u and the dogs!!! Ummaah!

Sneha said...

feeling the love...

I think I already told you this, I don't know how you do it babes! I cannot, for the life of me, touch an undomesticated doggy. (Yeah i am a doggy snob, I admit.)

You are awesome with them. I have seen zoobie and your love affair in person.

Admiration overflows for you Mitts..

D!! said...

aishu!!! looong time man!! will pass on the love!!

min!!couldnt agree more!!

D!! said...

Kush!! ya that too! shes such a doll! im thinking of now calling her pixie!!

Sne... i didnt feel it till i got layla! maybe you will soon!!

Prathm said...

I read it way too late babes!

But such a heartfelt, 'make everybody who reads it shed a tear' post.

Love you babe and love 'em street puppies!

Anonymous said...

Adorable awww- inspiring post!!