Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Namaste Nepal

People smoking in the airport,
Plummeting down an eighty degree slope in a taxi,
Delicious wood fired pizza and cold ginger beer,
Listening to a 8yr old sing "we dont need no education"
Intoxicating, overwhelming, astounding, exciting...NEPAL!

Blue cross hospital for people,
A cell phone charging point with a "charge at ur own risk" board,
An educational photo shoot with women clinging on to barbed wire fences!,
Getting hit by a taxi in Thamel,
Surprising, confusing, amazing, dangerous... NEPAL!

Discovering the pure, untouched beauty of Bandipur,
Meeting wonderfully warm people,
Eating fabulously yummy food,
Being in the presence of true love,
Exhilarating, relaxing,fattening, uplifting...NEPAL!!

The phool patti restaurant in gorkha,
The gloom of not seeing the mountains,
Discovering that my body can take a steep climb of 6hrs under the merciless sun,
The thunderstorm that revealed the beautiful snow capped peaks,
Hilarious, depressing, awe inducing, exhausting....NEPAL!!

Exploring the valley alone!
Learning to communicate in ali ali Nepali
Taking a million photographs,
Meeting a nepali who has seen more of India than me,
Eye opening, educational, therapeutic, fascinating....NEPAL!!

Coffee and breakfast with misha n phil,
The wonderfulness of getting to really know phil,
Getting tipsy and acting weird over a 6 course meal,
Bringing back a bag full of souveneirs and a heart full of lovely memories,
Fabulous, familiar, heartwarming, heart wrenching...NEPAL!!

This ones dedicated to my favourite couple...mish n phil!!


Srinidhi said...

lady you outdo yourself with each post!!! This one is wonderful, heart warming, expressive, warm... YOU! :D
it shows how much fun you had! the quirky things about nepal an observant eye only would notice! :) im glad you did the trip! awfully jealous that i havent gotten to do it yet! but wel go again! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the post!!
p.s the flow is super unique!! smart and creative!!! you do have a writer hidden inside! this blog is showing that side of you really well! :) :*

shuuuu said...

so many people have gone to this haven
but only a few like u can express so well
u can make us feel like we already reached there
and believe me woman ur writing is swelll
i dont know when i will be fortunate enough
to see this place u have begun to love
i cant wait to get there myself
till then well ur post made me touched those snow cappped mountains above........
i am proud i know u as a person
even more proud of the writer u r
mittu u r awesome , fabulous, and seriously a doll
i am glad u had fun on u r trip to nepal :P......
well that was my 2 bit .... i am jealous .. that u know ... i am also in love now :)... we should go there together sometime ... u me and the scrawny :P.... but loved the post ...
p.s u should write a book... u will win pulitzer :)

D!! said...

min!!!...thanks so much sweetie... u r too kind.. :)

Aish u too r tooo kind!!.. h i love the way u rhymed the comment!!.. u will win pulitzer..where i stand chance in front of u!!

Mood Swings!! said...

Thanks for the dedication babe!
Lovely post... totally agree with Mins love the way it flows... It is Unique!
Very well written... quaint description of Nepal!! Its the love hate relationship that makes us more attached to Her!
Loved reading it!!
Ummmmaaaaah! Loved having you here!

Mood Swings!! said...
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D!! said...

Was my pleasure babe... i loved being there!! mostly i loved getting to know u guys as a so glad i have what i can call a relationship with Philippe...he is an amazing guy!! you both so much!!