Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I have always loved to read crisp, witty, fun prose and I started blogging simply to hone my skill at the same. This tag by P has helped me go back to my very first post and find out how far along the road I have come in 3 years. This tag comes with some rules, which are given below and further down is my attempt at this lovely tag

The Rules are:

1) Blogger is nominated to take part

2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category. The links are:

– Your most beautiful post

– Your most popular post

– Your most controversial post

– Your most helpful post

– A post whose success surprised you

– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

– The post that you are most proud of

3) Blogger nominates up to 5 or more bloggers to take part.

4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers.

My most beautiful post: Hard to say for me, but  there are two posts which still give me the warm fuzzies when i read them. They are The Queen of my life and Truly Madly Deeply. Two posts full of love dedicated to two very precious parts of my life.

My most popular post:  Based on the information I with great difficulty found on my blog (Technologically challenged creature that I am) Good Old Days was the most read post on my blog. Lovely to know that the thought resonates with many.

My most controversial post:  Well I dont write about current affairs and mostly try to keep my posts breezy so I guess the only one I can put into this category is For Gods Sake. Unleashed in me the grime witnessing Chartered Accountant.

My most helpful post: I have absolutely no idea, though I hope it was Penny Wise Pound Wiser or Go Planet

A post whose success surprised me: Musings of an aspiring Yogi surprised me in the number of readers it attracted. Didn't expect too many people to be interested in my yogic journey so to speak.

A post which didn't get the attention it deserved:  What a way to wanna be , my very first post. I would have loved more women to read and share their opinions on the subject.

The post that I am most proud of: Namaste Nepal. I love this one because it just effortlessly sprung out me! So moved I was by the experience that was Nepal.

Now the more fun part, my nominations

Aishuwarya Sudarshan: A blogger I admire. Love her style in writing and in fashion. Would love to know what she feels about her blogography.

Parth Jhala: Blogger, Photogrpaher and Cricketer all rolled into one. His blog has been silent for a while. Looking forward to read more.

Vishnu:  Havent read many of her blogposts but would love to know what she would like us to read and share.

Pee Vee: I read her blog posts quietly without commenting. Love her ease with humour.  Looking forward to her blog highlights.

Finally a word of thanks to my dear P for sending me on this nostalgia trip!!


Srinidhi said...

I tho love this. But I guessed only one right. The one you are most proud of!! :D

I love this looking back thing. Really need to do it too. :|

Towards Harmony said...

D! You were so quick!! It took to 2 months to get on it!!


Loved What a way to wanna be! Putting it on my links I like list ;-)

PeeVee™ said...

Thank you for the tag :) I've wanted to do this for quite some time now.

Surprising how many silent readers I have... Thank you for that as well.

Parth Jhala said...

D!! Thanks so much for the tag!
It feels great to have gotten it from someone whose ability to write on a lot of varied topics I envy!
My body of work is really miniscule at the moment.. will get down to it at a time when I feel there are enough posts from which I can assess myself!
I plan to write more often from now on! Thanks again!

Kushang Moorthy said...


D!! said...

Srinidhi: U guessed it right? Thats fantastic!!

P: Thanks for that! Its a post thats really close to my heart!

Peevee: U r amazing girl!

Parth: Will hold you to it! :P

Kush: Thanks!

shuuuu said...

OH MY GOD :O ... I am a tag.. hahah I feel like Ive been nominated for gold :P ... YAAYYY.

I shall get cracking on this asap and write my tagged note...

I love all your posts mittu.. each one has a flavour as different and tangy as can be...

Keep at it babe <3