Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tamil Glorious Tamil!!

English is the language Im most comfortable with, people tell me I look Punjabi, but im a Tamilian and my recent trip to Sri Lanka and hearing the lovely Lankans speak Tamil reignited my love for the language.

Today, in the quest for some music to my ears I searched the title track from Kannathil Muttamittal, with beautiful lyrics, each word tugging at your heart strings, an outstanding song sung by the lovely Yesudas starring my favourite actor in Tamil cinema, Madhavan! Its everything I could ask for.

 As soon as I think Tamil songs i think of the glorious voice of Vedanth Bharadwaj, I had the good fortune of hearing him sing live! I had goose bumps through out!! Time and again I go to his site and listen to him sing Ennama thozhi, a lovely song about a lost little doll!

Any one have any other recommendations for me?


Between life's doings said...

Ahh!! just heard it again. Really madhavan makes for such a cute dad!! Cant help you with song recommendations though:( i would love to get some off of your post here if others recommend :-)

Towards Harmony said...

Love the song and Madhavan. Such an amazing movie too!!

D!! said...

A and P: Couldnt agree more about Madhavan!

shuuuu said...

There are so many lovely songs in tamil :) .. you should hear mannipaya from vinaya thaandi varuvaya :)... its lovely