Sunday, September 21, 2014

Exploring the United Kindgom!

Three months of planning and researching and booking, three weeks of the United Kingdom with the lover and three days of the Scottish highlands by myself! That summarises, rather inadequately though my glorious British summer holiday! In reality it was a heady combination of unspoiled nature, quaint villages, vibrant culture, bustling cities, vivacious people and a mind boggling variety of beer!

The spectacular coastline at Robin Hoods Bay!

These were the 11 places that we covered  in 3 weeks, in the pursuit of the delights that he United Kingdom has to offer;

Bus ride in the Highlands
  1. Glencoe
  2. Edinburgh 
  3. Lake District
  4. Robin Hoods Bay
  5. York
  6. Manchester
  7. Oxford
  8. Bath
  9. Bristol
  10. Salisbury
  11. London

It was a roller coaster of a trip and  I have shared here my favourite experiences, the ones that made me want to go change my crazy schedule, reminisce about on my flight back, and made me want to go back long after I was home.

1) Fringe 2014,Edinburgh- The Fringe festival is the largest and definitely the most exciting arts festival in the world, which takes place in Edinburgh for three weeks every August. Over 3000 shows performed by over 20,000 artists from 47 countries, Fringe 2014 was a celebration of the arts; theatre, movies, music, street artists, comedy, dance, there's something for everyone. Believe me when I say, every show we watched, we loved. A must do if you are there in August, actually quite the reason to go there in August!!

The charming English country side
2) Drive from Edinburgh to the Lake District- Without a doubt the best drive I have been on in my life! Spectacular green meadows studded with little white sheep, gorgeous blue skies a crisp cool breeze; words couldn't do justice to their un-touched beauty. Its like living in a painting, like every tree, every hill, every brown cow has been placed there to perfectly complement each other.

Enroute Whitby
3) Walking along the coast from Robin Hoods bay to Whitby- It is a five and a half mile hike along the coast but on top of a hill, which makes for a unique view of the waves crashing against the hills while walking on the hills themselves. It takes a couple of hours and gets a little tough on your legs at times but is such a wonderful way of experiencing the English country side. Robin Hoods Bay is also the best place to try some of the famous fish and chips, exquisite fresh fish!

York from the city walls
4) Themed walks in York- We did an incredibly funny and endearing Ghost walk through the center city of York and I recommend it strongly! Its a nice and easy way of making 'sight seeing' more personal and informative and helps you learn the little details about the history and evloution of a place. The Ghost walk starts at 730 pm everyday outside the York Minster and apparently it happens everyday, irrespective of the weather. There were over 20 of us on a cold rainy day and we were told that there were 50 walkers in a snow storm.

Manchester Pride!

5)  Manchester Pride: We planned our trip so that we could watch the Manchester pride parade and I am so glad we did it. A fantastic way of experiencing the people and a huge celebration of love and the freedom of expression. It was an ongoing party and I was happy to dance along. :)

6) Youth Hostel experience- Both the youth hostel in Glencoe and the one in Oxford were excellent. I love how you can walk in there and find yourself among fellow travellers from different countries, the common rooms are excellent places to strike up conversations, they are easy on the pocket and quite often located close to the center of the town. Do it atleast once on your trip, especially comforting if you are travelling alone.
Dornie- Scotland

8) Hiking in the Highlands- Pack a picnic, put on those walking shoes, grab a book to read and walk all day in the hills. Walk as long as your legs will allow, sit on a rock, bite into your nectarine, read for a while before you are ready to be off again!  I chanced upon a lovely pair of deer one day and it was so great to see them like that, at peace, calm, prancing among the trees; I smiled to myself all day after that.

7) Street theater in London- We loved Trafalgar square and Covent garden. Take half a day out of visiting the museums and palaces and bridges to watch these talented artists. It is a nice way to relax, unwind and relish the passion with which these artists perform. It was my favourite part of being in London and I would love to go back there to experience it a little more, without a flight to catch.

The two icons of London!
Shiny happy holidayers!


Kushang Moorthy said...

Thanks for planning this an amazing trip for us baby! loved every bit of it :) Hope to go on many more trips with you love.. :*

Srinidhi said...

a) i am jealous.
b) you forgot to write about the time the leg became like an elephants.
c) end to end double rainbow photo needs to comes here, I say.
d) I jealous.
e) such lovely photos. amazing colours.
f) loved the descriptions of each thing.
g) jealous.

D!! said...

Yeah!..we have a lifetime of travelling to do! Ummaaaah!!

D!! said...


Its about my favorite experiences not times when I was a major klutz! Also will include the double does deserve to be here!
And stop being jealous and go you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well written D!!! I've got to agree with the back packers hostel they definitely are comfy, interesting places to stay at.

shuuuu said...

I am totally jealous. This trip sounds like fun. I might use it as a guide when I plan my trip to UK. God knows when that will be. haha.

Mittams, I say it again, you have a way with words.

D!! said...

You should totally do that Aishu!! I used a lot of local intelligence to plan it and it was an unbelievable mix of experiences