Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lure of the Himalayas Part II

While I was writing the blog on my trip to the UK I realized I had not finished the one about my previous trip and also that 2014 has been an incredible year for the wanderluster in me!!

Part II of the Himalayan Adventure involved some of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen, the birthday of a very special friend and realizing that women travelling alone is still not the norm in our country! Our drive from Dharamshala to Dalhousie was a fantastic journey through the hills, streams suddenly surfacing into waterfalls, rivers flowing by under bridges, wind, rain and a special Himalayan rainbow.

1) Dalhousie finally provided us the weather we imagined when we planned our trip! I had to pull out the jacket and tuck into the thick quilt in the night!

2) Hotel Megha view; its nestled between the mighty Deodars and that's all you can see from your balcony as well. There are all manner of animals living among these trees and it is their calls that will put you to sleep and wake you up in the morning. We were treated so much like family here that the waiter would walk in without so much as a knock and be worried about us going out after dark!

3) The celebration of a birthday in a balcony with our illicitly procured Old Monk, giggles and memories from over a decade. It was a special way to celebrate our friendship and just sitting in that balcony we knew our trip was made.

4) The hike to the Chamunda Devi temple with the Himalayas keeping us company throughout was spectacular to say the least. Its beauty further accentuated by the lovely weather in the form of a cool breeze and a light drizzle.

 5) There's something about the people in the hills and how their cars always play Bollywood music from the 90s; such a delight to the desi girl in me and it takes me back to a simpler time, a time free of Baby dolls and full of happily ever after love!

6) The trip to the Chamba valley and the massive Chamera dam built on river Ravi. As clich├ęd as it sounds, a boat ride in the river with hills on both sides and crazy kids screaming and splashing water is a quintessential part of travelling in India in the summer vacation!

7) Travelling by a rickety bus from Dalhousie to Pathankhot, one of the sleepiest train stations I have ever been in, serving one of the yummiest Rajma chawals I have ever eaten.

8) Chandni Chowk, silver shopping and Parathe wali gali formed the perfect ending to the perfect trip.

As we boarded our flight back to Hyderabad, we felt refreshed, rested and peaceful. Our Himalyan sojourn had been exactly what we wanted, imagined, dreamed of; a much needed respite from the heat, the meetings and the god forsaken excel sheets!!


Kushang Moorthy said...

Lovely post D! Makes me wanna gooooo!!!

D!! said...

Let's go! There are some must dos in Himachal that I left undone!! ;)

shuuuu said...

This is so awesome :D Mittu, you really do have a way with words. Loved it

D!! said...

Thanks aishuuu! So glad you read and enjoyed!!